F# for Beginners–I

I’m starting off a series of video tutorials for F# language. This would be for beginner’s initially, looking at different aspects of the F# language and its integration with Visual Studio 2010. The tutorial would contain a video post along with a study material in PDF. The first tutorial contains the below content,

  • Using Visual Studio 2010
  • F# Program Structure
  • F# file organization
  • F# Scripts

Download the PDF document from here.


8 thoughts on “F# for Beginners–I

  1. Edwin says:

    Wow! Great man! Thanks a lot! Do you have some documentation like”Statistics for beginners” or “Inference for beginners” or “Bayesian Networks for beginners with F#” or another documentation about this topic you can reference me?

    Thanks again and nice Job!

    • Fahad says:

      I will be posting more video tutorials so you can sit back and enjoy the show :).

      For the other things you have asked, it is just that you have to know how F# works and apply them, you can email me if you need any help.


  2. Aryu Limitless says:

    This is a well-thought out tutorial, but I have my audio maxed out and cannot hear much of what you’re saying. Without decent audio for any good tutorial, you spend more time struggling to hear what’s being said than learning a new skill or process.
    Re-upload this file with better audio or just redo the entire thing.
    Thank you.

    • Fahad says:

      I think you need a head phone to hear out clearly, But yes, I will improve on this in the next one :). This is the first time I’m doing this, so somethings are missing here and there :).


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  4. Edwin says:

    Yes, I know that your videos are for an introduction to the functional language. But I was telling you that I need to learn about statistics and bayesian networks too. So if you have some documentation about it, please give your email and I will be writing you inmediately.

  5. Arvind says:

    Excellent effort! Thanks for the contribution to the community 🙂
    I will also up-vote the request for better audio though.. I had to strain to hear the recitation.

    • Fahad says:


      Yeah, I did some editing in the video again and made the audio better, Most of them should be good to hear with head phones, If i upload it again it will be a different link so will follow up nicely in the next one :).

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