F# “fun” with Windows Phone 7


Don syme announced the availability of F# for Windows Phone 7 (link). Daniel Mohl has a project template for F# apps that Don showed in the F# community demo (link).

Note: Anyone wanting to start off a project from scratch can download the project template that I created from here. This is a simple F# WP7 app template without the extra demo files.

As with my previous posts (long back, can’t find enough time these days), I ported the Stock ticker code base to WP7. The UI is pretty simple, It only has a ListBox to show the stock data. The ListBox has a custom ItemTemplate that defines the layout for the input data pulled over the web (Yahoo finance). The application also checks for network connectivity. Below is a snapshot,


This sample only pulls the stocks when you click the button, Since it is used in a phone, actual CEP kind of scenario would not be suitable, so keeping the updates in deferred mode. UI polishing + added features would make this a good app for the market store, what do you think? 😉

Sample with source code link.



One thought on “F# “fun” with Windows Phone 7

  1. Don says:

    Hi Fahad,

    Saw on twitter you’re looking to contact F# users in Bangalore. You might like to ask around Microsoft Research in India, e.g. ask Sriram Rajamani

    If you run an F# programming tutorial (e.g. do a web video tutorial) or talk I can post that on my blog.


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