Flinq – How to?

F# has given a new way for programmers to think, with its fundamentals based on functional programming, it gives a new higher order level the way we used to solve our daily programming problems. I was always fascinated about LINQ  which has it base on fundamental programming. When I looked up at F#, I just had thought it was just another language. But after checking it out, it was very different, different than we normally used to program in our daily lives. It lends me to think in rather unconventional way than OO based languages.

In this part of the post I will not try to explain the basics of F#, but rather a more specific part of C# – “LINQ”.

First get the latest version of the F# setup from the F# website. Once you install it, you would need to browse through the flinq directories sample “C:\Program Files\FSharp-<version number>\samples\fsharp\FLinq”.

  • Open up the FLinq project.
  • Build the “FLinq” project to generate the FLINQ assembly.


  • Once you generate this assembly, you could easily run any of the samples that is present in the next project.
  • On the other way, if you would want to use the FLinq assembly in your own project. All you have to do is refer the “fsharp.linq.dllassembly in your project,
   1: #I "C:\Program Files\FSharp-\samples\fsharp\FLinq (Path to your fsharp assembly)";;
   2: #r "fsharp.linq.dll";;

That’s it!! You would be starting off with your Flinq projects. In coming posts we would check out more in detail about using Flinq, F# with applications, controls and other stuff.


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